In order to come to know who you really are in life, ask yourself: “What am I teaching?”

Now you may wonder, what does that question mean? I am not a teacher in a school! I do not give regular yoga classes or marketing seminars. I just sit here reading and that is all there is.

From a spiritual perspective, however, where you try to see yourself through the eyes of God, this makes a difference. You can now see yourself as part of something larger. You are not just a unique personality reading, but you are so much more.

What you are, depends a lot on where you came from. Your actions in the past have brought you where you are now. You do not have to believe in reincarnation, in order to understand, that every action creates a reaction. Because you learned to read in school, this text can be understood by you. Your understanding connects you with me. It allows me to pour thoughts in your mind.

So when we look at our self from this cosmic perspective, we can ask, what is this life doing? I know that I am alive because I act.  This acting and knowing I act are connected. I am my own audience. Yet, there are things that I do unconsciously. Others may perceive them, but I am not consciously aware of them. This may be important for the way I influence my world.

Now our life is not meaningless. Our very existence has an impact on the world. We live in the minds of others. In this regard, we have an opportunity to teach by our example. That would be a conscious choice. However, when you reflect upon your life, you may notice that there are certain patterns. You may have noticed that your behavior follows certain rules. Can you imagine, that unconsciously you have been trying to teach your world something very important?

I noticed, that I am trying to teach you, how to pay attention to me. I want you to focus here, so I can influence you. In a personal relation, that may be the cause of conflict. Everyone longs to be free. No one likes to be manipulated. For a baby, it was okay to surrender to the loving care of mother and father. You did not have much choice. As you grew up, however, you became physically, emotionally and mentally independent. You learned to survive.

You learned to transform your baby needs into adult needs. This is a very interesting process. It is called civilization. During our youth, we did not only incorporate food, but we also became ideas. Do you remember how you learned to think? I am teaching thinking. Sometimes I teach silent thinking. Then I disappear in the space between thoughts. I become that space and this space is everywhere. It is the space of knowing.

I would like to invite you, to become the space of knowing. Fill her up with all you are. Then become the knower of doing. Change is constant. Nothing ever remains the same. No two things in the universe are equal. You do not have to use drugs, to alter the state of your mind. There is only one thing you can do and that is what you do. “I am who I am” means, I know what I am doing. When knowing and doing become one, we are natural.

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